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The Power of Networking

Post_Office_EngineersThe Power of Networking

Many believe effective networking is done face-to-face, building a rapport with someone by looking at them in the eye, leading to a solid connection and foundational trust. ~ Raymond Arroyo

I completely agree with Raymond’s words.


Let me break down Raymond’s statement to help us understand the Power of Networking:

Effective Networking – What is effective. As a Talent Development professional I feel effective includes learning new ideas, sharing new ideas and ’smashing’ two ideas together to come up with a new and possibly better idea. In a very simple way, effective networking could be talent development between two (or more) people in a open conversation.

Face-to-face – This does not mean ‘meeting’. Rather it can be done in lots of different ways and places. Coffee shop, café, diner, park bench, football game, on the subway, in a plane, back porch or on a bar stoll. Face-to-face networking happens any where and anytime two (or more) people gather in open conversations.

Building a rapport – Dale Carnegie taught me what this means. Building rapport involves finding our commonality and our relevant interests. Building rapport requires that we accept our differences for the sake of building upon our uniqueness and similar interests. Without first building rapport, networking becomes drudgery.

Solid connection – A solid connection or some level of positive relationship, is the fuel that moves conversations deeper and broader. We need to be able to have deep and broad conversations to truly learn from each other. Without a solid connection we are unlikely to truly open up and share, we’ll remain reserved and even resistant to another idea. Developing relationships tear down the barriers and reluctance to engage in great dialogue.

Foundational Trust – Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships. ~ Stephen Covey

Build a rapport and a solid connection enables us to get into great conversations. If during these conversations we listen to one another and accept our differences in both a professional and personal way, this can lead to trust. It’s this trust that allows the relationship to grow even further, the conversations to get even deeper and broader, and the ideas to flow more openly.

Networking is a powerful way to learn, share and grow both personally and professionally.

As talent development professionals we must be willing to learn every day. Networking can provide an opportunity to learn from others in many ways.

The power of networking is directly relevant to our willingness to meet face-to-face, build a rapport, a solid connection and trust.

TLBurrissTeddy Burriss:
Teddy Burriss is a member of ATD Piedmont and ATD National. Teddy is a LinkedIn expert, social media consultant, columnist, speaker and author who shares with this audiences steps to achieve success in business by building relationships and developing leads through the use of LinkedIn as a business tool. Teddy proves every day that networking is a powerful tool in his life, including his business.

Teddy is a proven leader with certifications such as Social Media Strategist, DDI Facilitator and Sandler Sales Professional. His expert articles have been featured in USA Today College and Greensboro News & Record. He has two highly reviewed books: Networking for Mutual Benefit and Success Using Social Media. He’s a sought after speaker for business organizations and educational institutions such as IAAP, ATD, IREM, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem State University and Salem College.

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