Conducting a Workplace Analysis

Conducting a workplace analysis can be a daunting task as requests of this nature are often made out of panic, fear, and at  times  all out sheer desperation.

As the Organizational Development (OD) professional, you’re  expected to put on your red cape,  swoop in, and save the day.  Unfortunately, things don’t always pan out this way.  While training may not be the end all be all to fix the problem(s) causing the request for the workplace analysis, OD professionals are called in the give a clear assessment and possibly a solution of internal or external influences that are affecting the forward progress of the organization.

Should your duties ever consist of conducting a workplace analysis, here are five pitfalls to avoid.

  1. Don’t base your analysis on assumptive data.
  2. Eliminate all bias.
  3. Focus on the behaviors observed, not the person.
  4. Evaluate all internal and external influences.
  5. Do not become emotionally attached.

Do not base your analysis on assumptive data. Opinions are like lottery tickets, everyone wants theirs to be the winner.  When systemic performance issues occur, it is most likely the leader already has a theory, but is not quite able to substantialize it.  Many times they will call in the OD professional to merely back up their theory, so that proposed solutions will have justification.

As the OD professional it is your duty to provide well educated conclusions based off hard facts and data, not your opinion. While you will most likely be fed tons of data and background information try not to let it taint your analysis.  If you’re provided with data, do your own analysis, don’t count on the work of others.

While it may seem like you’re beating a dead horse, remember your role.  You been invited to come in an assess the situation with a fresh set of eyes.  Don’t taint your vision by looking through someone else’s cloudy lenses.

Next…the importance of eliminating all bias.

Contributor Raina M. Berry, MSHRD

Organizational Development Coordinator

National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc.
and Affiliates

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