All Work and No Play Is No Way to Work

Susan Reinecke shared with the ATD Piedmont Chapter in May 2016.

here is the presentation she used to guide this enjoyable, even fun meeting with the group

All Work and No Play Is No Way To Work (PPTX)

When’s the last time you actually played? Really let loose, stepped out of your comfort zone and just let whatever happens happen? As adults, we don’t always have the chance to learn by playing, by experimenting, laughing and having fun. Yet, research shows that games and play in the workplace can have fantastic results. By playing together, we can form deeper relationships, spark creativity and release stress in healthy ways!

What is play? Play is the opportunity to take risks, to get outside the box and safely interact with others in fun and creative ways. In this workshop, play will focus on dynamic interactions that incorporate movement and improvisation, laughter and exploration. You will leave energized and ready to face the rest of your day.

By participating in this workshop, you will get to know people on a new level, you will get on your feet and be a part of something exciting and unpredictable. And more importantly, you will learn the value of bringing play into the workplace!

The speaker, Susan Reinecke, is a subject-matter-expert in the area of improving relationships in the workplace. Part of her work is leading exercises that get employees engaging in new ways, improving wellbeing, productivity, and workplace relations.  As she says “Fun is good for you and your business.” She also designs and delivers targeted workshops on topics such as becoming a more successful presenter, storytelling, and improvisation.

Susan is a lifelong learner who has enthusiastically led dynamic interactions for over 20 years. Currently she works as an independent consultant and facilitator, designing and integrating dynamic interactions and play to deepen workplace relationships, improve wellbeing, and increase productivity. She holds a Master’s degree in Human Development and Psychology from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College.


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