Why I joined ATD Piedmont – Katherine Pryor

Katherine Pryor

Why I joined ATD
by Katherine Pryor

Several years ago, I had an “AHA! Moment,” finally understanding that my career dream had always been to be part of a Human Resources team specializing in the areas of Training and Development and Organizational Development. My career path to that point had been a slightly crooked path – always in the clinical research industry but a variety of roles from a study coordinator to a study monitor to a study site manager. I realized that the common thread between my various positions was in teaching, guiding, and organizing efforts.

While I was in the role as site manager, one of my good friends mentioned that her son was in a similar line of work to what I was describing. I got on a call with him, explained my interests, and he suggested I join my local ATD chapter. Life got busy, and some changes occurred that put my life dream of moving into Training and Development on the back-burner so though I had checked out the website, I did not join the organization at that time but always kept it in mind as a future resource.

Fast forward several years later. Currently, I am employed by a quickly growing company where new positions are created to meet our changing needs. Though I came into the organization as a project manager, in June 2015 I was presented with the opportunity to develop our on-boarding and internal training capabilities. Until this time, little attention had been paid to these areas because the Human Resources team was two people – the VP and our corporate recruiter. From June until October, I handled these areas on a part-time basis as I was still resourced to project management for 50% of my time.

October 2015 came, and I moved into my new role as HR Training and Organizational Development Manager. It was a perfect time and opportunity to revisit ATD Piedmont as a resource. Knowing that I would have some significant initiatives to tackle and that this was the direction I wanted to take my career, being part of ATD became a priority. I signed up in my first month or maybe even the first week!

Having the opportunity to work with ATD as a local chapter board member, attend the various events, and have access to online resources has been a terrific compliment to the work I am doing in graduate school (WCU, Masters in Human Resources) and on my company’s Human Resources team.

Written by Katherine Pryor, HR Training and Organizational Development Manager of Clinical Ink in Winston-Salem NC.


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