Taken from the Giant Leap Consulting blog Bill Treasurer gives provides readers with a list of things he’d suggest OD professionals stop doing.


  • Stop talking about The Emperor with No Clothes. Good God, can we please come up with a new metaphor for describing leadership? Most leaders are doing the best they can, so cut them some slack.
  • Stop trying to get people to “open up” about their pain. Enough focusing on sharing weaknesses and vulnerability. A little is okay, but too much just makes people feel emotionally raw and exposed.
  • Stop fixating on a shared leadership ideal. Most organizations are hierarchical structures, not ashrams. Get over it. Empowering others is good, abdicating one’s leadership responsibilities under the guise of empowerment is bad.
  • Stop relying on obscure academic research. Lessons gotten from clinical studies done on lab rats or graduate students don’t translate to the real-world of work. Base your advice on what you’ve actually experienced or seen work, not by results research spectators saw in a lab.
  • Stop using smarty-pants words. Words like pedagogy, efficacy, and gestalt may make you sound smart in front of your OD colleagues, but they make you sound like an out-of-touch egghead to regular folks at work.

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